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StarWind is #1 SAN Software to build a SAN for VMware and SAN for Hyper-V

Shared Storage for Windows Server Clusters

StarWind iSCSI SAN Solution for Windows Server 2008 Cluster

Ask any Windows Server or storage administrator what they fear most and they are likely to respond, “Downtime.” For many IT professionals, Microsoft Windows Server clustering is the technology most likely to enable them to get a good night’s sleep and silence cell phones on weekends.

Clustering on Microsoft Server 2008
The idea behind clustering is simple. Run the same application on two or more servers and should one fail, the other automatically picks up the load. The result? No data is ever lost and there’s zero downtime.

Not only does server clustering maintain high availability for mission-critical, 24/7 applications, but also provides more processing power, better I/O performance because with more I/O paths between servers and storage, and access to increased storage capacity.  The following is an example of a SQL Server 2008 Cluster configured with StarWind iSCSI SAN:
Windows Server Clusters

It’s all About Shared Storage
Building a server cluster on top of a storage area network the single most important consideration in High Availability environments because that’s where the applications and their vast amounts of data reside.
Here are only a few ways SMBs, ROBOs and midsize companies can benefit from a SAN based on the proven and reliable technology employed in StarWind’s iSCSI solution:
  • Migrating data servers is vastly more simplified.
  • Consolidating data enables you to manage resources more intelligently, cost effectively and capably.
  • Recovering from a disaster is streamlined and smoother and downtime is kept to a minimum.
  • Planning for the future with a storage system that grows in synch with the evolving needs of government.

StarWind’s iSCSI SAN solution can be the storage foundation for server clustering in high-availability environments.

StarWind’s iSCSI SAN runs over proven, standard iSCSI protocol and supports industry-leading VMware ESX and ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 and Microsoft Windows Server clustering technologies. It’s a solution that is also reliable, scalable and easy to manage.

StarWind’s SAN solution also can harness the power of Microsoft Windows Server clustering capability for the most effective business continuity and disaster recovery results and for higher data availability.
StarWind is designed to work well in clustering environments because LUN masking and zoning are built directly into the iSCSI protocol, making access control on the SAN simpler and less expensive than Fiber Channel nets.

Simplicity and Sophistication in one Powerful SAN

StarWind’s Server Software is a powerful SAN with corporation-class features such as thin provisioning, data protection and mirroring. 

You can convert your existing servers into a high-performance SAN in less than 30 minutes. Our SAN software supports the widely used iSCSI protocol, so there’s no need to deploy an expensive Fiber Channel network or run any complex and proprietary SANs.
You also can customize StarWind Server Software with the addition of CDP & Snapshots Edition, Mirroring & Replication and VTL features. Our products enable you to do far more with fewer resources so that your ROI is greater than ever.

Download Microsoft Server Clustering 101 Guide:

This white paper discusses the steps to configure a server cluster using Windows Server 2003 and how to configure a failover cluster using Windows Server 2008. This white paper also discusses some of the major differences in clustering between Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

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